Extra information Goed Geld Gala 2020

In response to questions related to the COVID-19 coronavirus, as an invitee of the Goed Geld Gala of the Nationale Postcode Loterij 4 March, we would like to inform you that the gala will continue unless restrictive measures are taken by the government.

Please follow the link to the website of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Acting on the advice given on this site, it seems wise that we do not shake hands and kiss each other, despite the festive nature of the event. Extra cleaning rounds are held in Carré and there is disinfectant gel on the toilets

If, nevertheless, you do not feel comfortable coming, we would appreciate it if you would let us know by folowing this link. On our Goed Geld Gala Information page we will also keep you informed of the latest developments regarding the event. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at goedgeldgala@postcodeloterij.nl. Of course we hope to welcome you in Carré next week. It will be a wonderful evening!

Naar Nederlands

Dutch Postcode Lotery Goed Geld Gala 2020

The 2020 Goed Geld Gala takes place on Wednesday 4 March in Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam. Doors are open from 6.00 pm (18.00). More information on the programme and directions to the theatre, can be found below. If you have any questions about the Goed Geld Gala or your registration, please contact:


+31 (0)20 209 25 03


6:00 pm: Reception with dressed up drink

7:00 pm: Appearance at the latest

7:30 pm: Start Programme

Announcement results Dutch Postcode Lottery 2019:

• Division of Funds
• One-off grants
• Extra projects
• Dream Fund

Guest speaker
Professor Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace Laureate
Founder of Grameen Bank, Bangladesh 
Chairman of Yunus+You – The YY Foundation.

9:30 pm: Drinks

11:00 pm: Close


Tenue de Ville


The theatre is situated in the center of Amsterdam and is easily accessible by public transport and car. The address is:

Royal Theatre Carré 
Amstel 115-125
1018 EM Amsterdam

More information about getting to the Royal Theatre Carré can be found here.

Muhammad Yunus

Professor Muhammad Yunus, Chairman of the Yunus + You – The YY Foundation, is the founder of Grameen Bank and of more than 50 other companies and organisations in Bangladesh and globally. He created an economic movement that has helped lift millions of families around the world out of poverty. Today, Grameen Bank has over 8.4 million members—97 per cent of who are female—and has lent over US$12.5 billion since its inception. In 2006, the Norwegian Nobel Committee jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Peace to Professor Yunus and Grameen Bank “for their efforts to create economic and social development from below.”

As father of social business, Prof. Yunus focuses on spreading and implementing the concept. He has written four books about micro-lending and social business: “Banker to the Poor” (2003), “A World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism” (2008), “Building Social Business” (2010) and “A World of Three Zeros” (2017).

Among Professor Yunus’ many awards and honors he has received all three highest US Civilian awards (Presidential Citizens Medal, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal). Thereby he is one of only seven people in history that has received these awards, along with recipients Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela. In 2009, Forbes named Professor Yunus one of its “10 Most Influential Business Gurus.” Professor Yunus is the recipient of more than 60 honorary degrees from universities across 24 countries.

Muhammad Yunus has been ambassador for the Postcode Lottery since 2012.

Caroline Tensen

Television host Caroline Tensen has been working for more than 25 year for the Dutch Postcode Lottery. She is a committed ambassador and has visited many different projects of charities supported by the Postcode Lottery. Through this she helps to inform the Dutch audience about the important and impressive work of those charity organisations. In several editions of the documentary series “Ik Ga Op Reis En Ik Neem Mee... ” (before ‘’Bestemming’’ and “Kanjers van Goud”) she has portrayed dedicated charity project staff members working in the field.

Caroline Tensen is the host of: Postcode Loterij Eén tegen 100.

About Royal Theatre Carré

Circus director and entrepreneur Oscar Carré opened his majestic theatre on the banks of the Amstel in Amsterdam. Before that he had a travelling circus which was famous for its acts involving horses. From its opening back in 1887, the theatre quickly attained name and fame. The striking building went on to become the most famous theatre in the Netherlands. To begin with, the Carré theatre was used mainly to stage circus performances during the winter months. More than 130 years later Carré has a lot more to offer besides the famous World Christmas Circus. These days Royal Theatre Carré serves as a venue for musicals, pop concerts, stage and cabaret productions all year round. The theatre is at home in all markets.